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Bali’s new sex law and its impact on unmarried couples

Many tourists who plan to visit Bali soon are very concerned

Bali is 110% on my bucket list and judging from my recent DMs, I know a lot of you have trips planned there with a partner and are a bit concerned about a new law that was passed recently banning sex before marriage.

Firstly, the controversial (and very backwards) law doesn’t come into effect until 2025, so don’t worry about living your best life with your unmarried half in Bali.

The law itself was part of a wider shake-up in the criminal code by the Indonesian parliament. It outlaws sex before marriage which applies to Indonesians, foreigners living in the country and of course tourists.

Speaking recently about the new law, Bali Governor, Wayan Koster said a person could only be prosecuted under the new laws (which come into effect in three years) if there was a complaint by a parent, spouse or child.

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