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Dublin Airport outlines travel tips for Christmas

Friday the 23rd of December is set to be the busiest day with around 98,000 passengers taking to the skies

With more than 1.5 million passengers expected to travel through Dublin Airport this Christmas, Dublin Airport has issued its top travel tips for Christmas:

Dublin Airport’s 12 Airport Tips for Christmas

  1. Check which terminal you're departing from

  2. Plan to arrive at the airport 2hrs before a short-haul flight, 3hrs before long-haul + 1 additional hour if checking in a bag

  3. Check what time your airline's check-in desk/bag drop opens

  4. Place laptops and electronics in a separate tray

  5. Have your liquids under 100ml in a clear re-sealable bag

  6. Take off boots, heels and shoes with metal buckles as you approach the x-ray machine

  7. Remove jackets, scarves, hats and bulky outer garments

  8. Don’t wrap gifts

  9. Don’t bring snow globes in your hand luggage

  10. Don’t bring butter, brandy butter, cranberry sauce in your hand luggage

  11. Bring an empty water bottle to refill after security at one of our hydration stations

  12. Wish our staff a Happy Christmas as you pass through!

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